Founded in 2013, Up Beyond Media, LLC is owned and operated by Tony Matesi and Ben Razdolsky. Both are skilled drone pilots that have a combined eight years of experience and hundreds of flight hours under their belt. Tony is a world class photographer, designer, and marketer with over 10 years experience in these areas. Ben is a forward thinking, business strategist, and an expert pilot. Up, Beyond Media was founded to provide aerial photography, videography, pilot training, event videography, real estate, inspection and agricultural services, as well as digital marketing consultation. 


Aerial Photo/Video
We are FAA exempt and capable of capturing 4K video and high dynamic range photography from up to 400' in the sky. This is an additional service we are proud to offer.
Capturing just the right image for your website cover photo, or that perfect shot of your office, no matter what kind of photos you need, we can capture them.
Whether we take to the air or strap a camera on a zip-line, or have to hang from the side of a mountain, no matter the location, we'll get just the perfect shots to tell your story.
Digital Marketing
Providing services in content strategy, social media strategy, SEO and SEM, email marketing, we cover it all. Want to create a new brand or perhaps you're looking to refresh an entire line of products, whatever the case, we're ready to take your products or services up, beyond.


Viewing the world from another point of view has been our mantra for life, and as such we capture it that way too. We like to get up close and way up high, with our aerial video platforms we can capture just the right shot without the need for heavy duty equipment that requires vast amounts of space. With our aerial fleet we can capture aerial videos/photos on of varying quality, so whether you are on a budget or want something that has a more professional/cinematic quality we have the equipment. If you're not sure what level of quality you need, we'll walk you through and help you make the right decision for your project. 


It all starts with a conversation with you. First we get to know your needs, then we start brainstorming. We get to know you, your customer, and what their needs are. Then we create compelling stories and identities to help you reach your audience. So let's start a conversation, email us at hireus@upbeyondmedia.com.


Chicago born and raised.  

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Tony Matesi

Founder of Legend of the Death Race, a race blog and adventure race, Tony is a young entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in corporate product and event marketing. Tony has worked on projects including the Spartan30, Spartan Endurance, Spartan Magazine, and is published widely in the obstacle race community with photos on web properties that include SI.com.  

Born and raised in Chicago, Tony earned his B.S. in Entrepreneurship at the University of Illinois at Chicago and his M.A. in Public Relations and Advertising from DePaul University. Tony enjoys consulting start-ups and developing brand and marketing strategies during the day-to-day and climbing mountains and practicing ninja skills (literally) in his free time. 

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Ben Razdolsky