Step 1. Learn to fly

Practice, practice, practice. Rack up at least 50 hours of flight time, practice different maneuvers, learn how to judge distance, how to fly manually and utilize auto-pilot applications. Get one-on-one or two-on-one training from a Professional Drone Pilot.

Step 2. Study for Part 107 Pilot Exam

While you're racking up flight hours and practicing your skills you should also begin studying for your FAA Part 107 Drone Pilot exam. We recommend utilizing the study course created by UAV Coach, they have the highest success rate of any drone course program. Click the link to get started.

Step 3. Become a Pilot

Once you've racked up 50+ hours of flight time, and taken the time to obtain your FAA Part 107 Drone License, you can become a drone pilot, but how do you find work? That's where we come in. Once you've become a pilot apply for a position with us and we'll get you started making money as a drone pilot.



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