Q: What is a drone or UAV?

A: A drone or an Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), or Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) is an aircraft weighing less than 55 lbs that is operated by a remote pilot.  By the way, of all those names, we prefer drone or UAV, so that’s what you’ll see us refer to them as. Anyhow, most drone models have the capability of carrying a payload, typically the payload on these include a camera for capturing images and/or video. Many models offer the ability to “live stream” the media from the camera to the operator on the ground in real time.  The cost to operate the units is much less than an airplane or helicopter and therefore we can offer images and video at a lower cost.  It also saves on resources such as fuel and aircraft maintenance and even reduces emissions since UAS devices run off batteries.

Q: Is it illegal to operate drones commercially?

A: No. The FAA  released new laws starting on August 29, 2016, that have opened the doors to commercial operations of UAVs or drones. All of our UAV operators are licensed drone pilots and have a Part 107 UAV Airman Certificate.

Q: How high can you fly?

A: The FAA regulations state that UAV devices can fly no higher than 400 feet without a Certificate of Waiver from the FAA. In most instances, this won’t be an issue because the FAA also included that you may fly 400 feet above and out from a structure, for doing inspections or capturing aerial photos. Outside of that would require some form of waiver that would be granted by the FAA.

Q: How far can you fly?

A: The FAA requires us to always maintain VLOS, visual line of sight. To do this we may use the aid of a visual observer (VO) who will maintain eye contact with the drone. They must do this without the aid of binoculars, or any sort of visual aid. When working on projects, Up, Beyond Media will not let the drone out of our sight, we regain visual line of sight immediately anytime it is lost, and if necessary we will relocate the base-station as needed to capture all that is required of the project.

Q: Can you fly at night?

A: No, but it can be approved under FAA Part 107. Night flying presents a number of dangers. The FAA guidelines state that UAV devices can only fly 30 minutes before sunrise and 30 minutes after sunset unless an exemption is granted from this rule. Up, Beyond Media is currently working on obtaining this waiver. Sign up for our newsletter for updates.

Q: Can you fly near airports?

A: There are a lot of variables here. If you are within 5NM miles of an airport it is advised to provide us a minimum of 90 days to obtain the necessary waivers. The FAA claims this process will get faster in the future, but for now, the more time provided to us, the better. Contact us with the address of your project and we will find out any hoops we may have to jump through. And we will jump, as high as we must.

Q: How long can you fly?

A: Typically, we get anywhere from 15-30 minutes of flight time with our drones on a single battery. Wind speed, and other conditions can vary how long that flight actually is. Don’t worry we carry more than enough batteries to complete the services needed.

Q: Can you fly over crowds of people?

A: The FAA guidelines state that you cannot fly a UAS over anyone not involved in the flight operation.  This includes flying at stadiums, sporting events, wildfires, or over crowds of people, including first responders at the scene of an incident.  If you’re on a closed set and everyone is informed and aware of the operations, it’s a different story. We handle this on a case-by-case basis. Some of these restrictions can be exempted on a per-flight basis but will require an application for a waiver from the FAA.

Q: What kind of video and image processing do you offer?

A: Up, Beyond Media is owned by an experienced professional photographer and partnered with the best in the business.  All still images captured from our drones are professionally edited before the final images are delivered (unless otherwise specified). Up, Beyond Media also offers a full video production shop and has the ability to add attractive titles and intro cards, video stabilization to smooth out bumps in flight, licensed background audio tracks, and moving text (callouts) to the videos we create. Up, Beyond Media also will work with TV and Film production companies on a project basis. For our more “cinematic videos,” the flights are performed by a dual operator setup with one person flying the drone and the other operating the camera. This gives us the ability capture those silky smooth pans and create a dramatic cinematic look for your video. Of course, dual operators come at an added cost.

Q: How can I become a pilot?

A: If you are asking yourself this question don't worry, we've got you. If you are a photographer or videographer, or a construction surveyor, whoever you are, we can teach you the ropes and guide you on your journey to see the friendly skies. Flying a drone, is a huge responsibility, but when doing it safely, and proper, it is an absolute blast, it takes you to sights that were once out of reach, and enables you to capture the world around you in such a dynamic way. Drones can provide search and rescue aid, and they can market mansions, the sky really is the limit. If you want to get your eyes in the sky, look no further than our Become a Pilot page. We offer classes out of Bellevue, WA at the present moment but we will be expanding very soon, sign up for our newsletter for more info on our next locations served.

Q: How far will you travel for a project?

A: The answer to this one, is wherever you'll pay for us to go. We'll travel anywhere, our current pricing structure includes driving within a 50-mile radius of our pilot(s). Currently, we are licensed in Bellevue, WA and will travel within a 50-mile radius of this Downtown Bellevue office. Stay tuned to our newsletter for info on future locations including, Chicago, New Jersey, and Florida.

Note: Nothing on this page should be taken as legal advice, and should be verified with the appropriate regulatory agency.

Q: How do I stay updated on when you add new service locations or add new services?

A: Sign up for our newsletter and stay informed of new locations, new services, and the occasional discount or free background for our fans.